The current DISC structure was formed in 1995, and has grown in membership over the years and has now reached a position where it represents more Scottish Driving Instructor Associations than any other organisation. DISC is a voluntary organisation with no paid positions.


Any driving instructor association in Scotland can apply for affiliation to DISC, and associations from across the country are represented. Each association nominates two delegates to attend Council meetings where they can raise, discuss and debate matters of either local or national importance to the driver training industry. Where appropriate, proposals are taken forward on their behalf by a management committee elected by Council. The elected positions are Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Conference Secretary.


DISC has full consultative status with the DSA and is actively involved in working directly with the DSA as well as in partnership with all of the other UK National Associations with consultative status (ADINJC, DIDU, MSA, DIA and UNITE).


We regularly offer opportunities for CPD as well as developing presentations that can be delivered locally by Associations to their membership.


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Today at the AGM Gavin Brownlie stepped down from his role as Chairman. Gareth Marchant also stepped down as Vice Chairman.

I'd like to publicly thank Gavin for everything he has done on behalf of Driving Instructors over the last five years. A big thanks is also deserved by Gareth Marchant for many years of service to DISC. He and Gavin made a good team and gave up many many hours voluntarily, to represent & further the industry. Thank you both.